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The Mayan Civilization was a very well developed civilization. Their way of life and how they survived is remarkable. The Mayans created several things that we use today. This civilization started small and expanded to a culture that still exists. The Mayans had strong beliefs in their gods. The Mayan civilization began in South America. There are several states that are linked to the Mayans in South America. “ Present day southern Mexico, Guatemala, western Honduras, El Salvador, and northern Belize” (Maya History 1). The Mayans are well known for having nice decorated temples and pyramids. “Mayans were noted for having elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built…show more content…
They later flourished in different regions. They were classified into seven different periods. “The Archaic period ascended from 7000-2000 BCE” (Maya Civilization 1). This period was a hunter-gather period. They were well known for growing several crops. Agriculture was the center of this periods life. The domestication of animals also arose during this period. “ Maize, beans, plants and the domestication of dogs and turkeys were practiced during this time” (Maya Civilization 1). “The Olmec period arose from 1500-200 BCE” (Maya Civilization 1). This period was also known as the “Pre-Classic or Formative Period” (Maya Civilization 1). This civilization moved from location. they settled in the Gulf of Mexico. The Olmecs brought something else to the table. They started building cities of stone and brick. “ Olmec heads strongly suggest highly sophisticated skill in sculpture” ( Maya Civilization…show more content…
In this period they started creating games. “ The very important ball game, known as Poc-a-Toc was developed” (Mayan Civilization 2). This game symbolized “human struggle and reflected the way the Maya viewed existence” (Maya Civilization 4). The last two periods of the Mayan Civilization were the “Classical Maya Period from 250-950 CE” (Maya Civilization 2). This period was known for perfecting past methods that were invented by past civilizations. “ Perfected mathematics, astronomy, architecture, visual arts, and also refined and perfected the calendar” (Mayan Civilization 2). After the Classical Period, was the “Post Classic Period from 950-1524 CE” (Mayan Civilization 2). This period was more of the decline of the Mayan

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