Maturity And Maturity

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I 've always had my parents tell me that I’m “so mature for my age”, and I’ve never really understood what they meant by “my age”. What does age have to do with maturity? To them, they always saw me being responsible for not losing my temper on petty situations and causing fist fights with other peers like my older brother Dylan did. In a normal day, they saw me do the laundry, dishes and take care of my dog while still balancing all of my class work and keeping away from drugs and other social influences. I even went out of my way to get a part time job during school at the local recycling center so I no longer had to hound them constantly for money for things like my phone bill. They saw me as someone who was doing a thing that was “way beyond their years”, ignoring the fact that there 're so many people who are in their adult years and aren 't yet mature at all.…show more content…
The perfect example of that is shown greatly by younger people who are students and show up to class with everything prepared and ready to go, with the homework from last night in hand to give to their teacher or professor But sadly you have the students who don’t even take on the responsibility of the task of even showing up in school. Everyone no matter what their age might be will have a different type of maturity level. Some kids at a certain age will even take the responsibility of a part-time job at a young age even when having the be a full-time student also. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016), polled 5000 people from the ages 16 to 19 on if they have a full time, part time job or unemployed. It showed that around 70% of those people were either full time or part time (Table 8). This shows that a good amount younger adults and teens are taking on responsibilities when they may not need to, possibly showing great signs of
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