Marketing Plan for Studio 12

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Objectives And Issues
Studio 12 has set some achievable objectives for its first year and second year outlook with an established business; based on 14 years of experience and steady growth.
First-Year Objectives
As an established organization Studio 12 aims to increase its customer base by 20 - 30 percent during the initial year. With a moderate increase occurring weekly and with the addition of 2 more full time employees. This is a very achievable first year goal. This will also allow profits to climb depending on the services rendered to the customer with an average price of $30 to approximately $200 per customer. Due to the different services and prices the range is considerably large and with an increase of customers, profits are only expected to grow.
Second-Year Objectives
During the second year, Studio 12 will accommodate the increase of customers with the full use of the 5 styling stations in store and 5 full time employees. This will allow Studio 12 to maximize the full use of its facility, and increase output of customers served. As a result Studio 12 second year objective is to increase its customer base by an additional 40 percent from the first year. This in turn will increase profits by optimizing the full potentials of the studio and its dedicated team.
Issues. As the objectives are set in place for Studio 12, there are also issues that can arise with them. Our group has broken down these issues into four categories; established brand with huge competition, expansion, target customer, and brand awareness. The first issue talks about creating an established brand but also having to compete with other establishments. Studio 12 is unique for the fact it uses Scrupples that serves as a non-bleach highlight product an...

... middle of paper ... about the company.
Studio 12 can create a focus group from its current customer base. It would not be difficult. Nelly can ask the customers to check in on Facebook as well as post about their experience in return for a discount of the service they receive. By doing this Studio 12 will be protecting its customer bases as well as its target audience. Having customers check in is similar to word of mouth in fact it is a modern method of word of mouth and it is a method that would allow Studio 12 to gauge how the company is preserved and tailor the band more in their favor through services like Radian6. Because not all customers have online profiles we recommend having an in store survey in order to get immediate feedback.

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