Marketing Plan for New Pepsi Product

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Marketing Plan: Phase Two

The A-Team has introduced a new product called Pepsi Platinum for the company, PepsiCo, in Phase Two. This dissertation will identify segmentation criteria that will impact PepsiCo target market selection. This dissertation will describe the organizational buyers and consumers of Pepsi Platinum and factors that influence their purchasing decisions and discuss how these factors will impact PepsiCo’s marketing strategy. Finally, this phase shall analyze current competitors and define the competitive landscape for Pepsi Platinum.

Segmentation criteria

In order for PepsiCo to be successful in selling Pepsi Platinum, the company must research the marketing community. The best way to create a strategic marketing plan is to understand the target market in the beverage and sports drink business. PepsiCo must ask, “What is the demographic of this market, what are psychographics and behaviors of the specific market that PepsiCo, in regards of selling this brand, desires to reach?” Understanding our customer needs, and competitors offerings will help PepsiCo create a strategically integrated marketing plan. The principal to any successful marketing strategy is to understand the customers and their needs. The ability to satisfy customers' needs better than the competitors, will first be, that PepsiCo build customer loyalty and increase sales (Business Link, 2007). Marketing research uses many methods to obtain its results. PepsiCo will use external census data and marketing survey data collected by outside marketing research firms, as a method of understanding customer wants and needs. Computer-aided methodologies will also be used to collect data on the competitors of PepsiCo such as Coca Cola, Jones Soda, and Mo...

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