Marketing Mix for the Texas Trauma Institute

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Located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, Memorial Hermann-TMC has been providing trauma care to residents of the southeast Texas Gulf Coast region since 1976. Over the last 35 years the programs and services provided by Memorial Hermann – TMC have continued to grow in depth and breadth, culminating in the founding of the Texas Trauma Institute (TTI) in May 2012. The Texas Trauma Institute is located adjacent to, and works in partnership with, the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston (UT-HSCH) Medical School. It is strategically located in an area that provides access to the monumental number of resources required to operate a level 1 trauma center. Additionally, the TTI is centrally located within the service area. The Institute covers a service area within a 150-mile radius by helicopter and 300-mile radius by ground (“Life flight®, 2013). This service area encompasses an estimated population of 5.9 million people (2010 Census Population and Housing Tables, 2013). Currently, the Texas Trauma Institute is designated to receive level 1 (most critically injured) patients. Serving as one of only two level 1 trauma centers in the greater Houston area, it is the only one serving both adult and pediatric populations (“Awards and Distinctions”, 2013). Over 20 specialty teams are available to provide comprehensive care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Institute also consists of rehabilitation services, the only verified burn center in Houston, a forensic nursing team to treat victims of assault, and is the first in the nation to open a comprehensive geriatric trauma unit (“Services”, 2013). There are currently 200 patient beds at the Institute. From 2010-2011 more than 14,000 trauma patients were treated and... ... middle of paper ... ... visited by the flight crews has been positive. Patients also receive phone calls and get well cards upon discharge to further promote the image of a caring organization. The ultimate goal of these promotions is to have these positive interactions lead patients to seek out the Institute for further care and spread the word in the community. The Institute is also a part of the larger Memorial Hermann System. While most of the individuals who receive care at the Trauma Institute will never utilize trauma services again, they may have a need for other services provided within the system. The Memorial Hermann brand is heavily marketed in heart and vascular services, as well as, neurosciences. The hope is that consumers will associate the Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute with other services provided by Memorial Hermann, resulting in crossover usage by consumers.

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