Marketing Analysis : Marketing Communication Mix

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Retail Communication mix. Introduction The objective of this research paper is to have a clear understanding of how marketing communication mix contributes certainly to the marketing performances, as well as increase the productivity of the business. Moreover, the structure of this paper offers critical discussions of the need for the marketing communication mix, and the role it plays in the business based on researching about the differences and similarities of the definitions of different author’s point of views about the concept. Furthermore, this will include a brief discussion about the concept as well as compare two different retailers who employ the marketing communication mix, and the applicability of the concept in different countries. In addition, in a growing competitive environment where an advanced technology and effective strategies are crucial for every business, retailers are putting extensive effort to support their local stores with marketing resources. In addition, they strive to employ different strategies to capture the most of the market shares as well as increase their sales. (Todorova*, 2015) However, with numerous stores, various formulas, various target groups, and marketing campaigns across diverse product ranges this becomes an actual complex task for retailers. Consequently, employing marketing communication mix assist retailers to regulate and manage all communications and different tasks at a time. Literature review Definitions of Communication Mix To begin with, Marketing communication mix is known as a method of complex effective measures, approaches, and techniques, where the information and the details about the products and services that the firm delivers to reach its final users. I... ... middle of paper ... ...tentions, which will lead customers to have a strong purchase incentives, and inspires a quick purchase response. Finally, the influence of social forces on marketing and on marketing communications in particular, can be immense. For example, in the past few years, increasing media and public attention has been paid to issues concerning healthy eating, obesity, and the role that food manufacturers and retailers play in helping us (or not) to be slimmer. Discussions and Interpretations Here, the research covers the theoretical analysis and the interpretation of data collected from the secondary source. It most states the purposes and hypothesis of the study; it aims to examine the importance of marketing communication mix on the productivity of companies as well as the role it plays in the marketing activities based on the information collected from the secondary data.
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