Importance Of Communication Mix In Marketing

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According to Hall (2008), communication mix is a term used to depict the arrangement of tool where a business can use to convey and communicate successfully the advantages of its good or services to its client. It is crucial for a company to fulfil what customer need and wants in order to get and exceed customer expectation. Thus, company need to choose a suitable platform of marketing in order to boost up the sales and profits. There are several characteristic of marketing and factor that organization must select and consider in order to decide best communication mix in marketing. The organization can select whether they want do advertising, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling also considering the type of product…show more content…
The consumer marketer will give more correspond to advertise and sales promotion on their communication mix to attract customer (Kotler, 2012). Advertising usually formed in an organized and well-structured and it is made by non-personal means which is through paid media where the source came from identified sponsor (Edmond, 2010). The identified sponsor can be from any individual or an organization who pay for the advertisement and directly it will give good credit to the company and will lead to expansion on sales and profits. Besides, according to Rajan (2011), one of the features of advertising is to be persuasive as it is one of the techniques to influence and attract the customer to buy company goods and services. Sellers are expected to form positive approach to the buyer that will lead to positive respond from the customer. For example, it can be seen when Dato’ Sri Vida, founder of Qu Puteh organization use various of advertising medium such as television, newspaper and internet in order to publicize the products. The highlight is when she became the main sponsors for Anugerah Juara Lagu 29 where she sponsored 3 Million to that programme. It shows…show more content…
There are five stages of cost effectiveness of three communication tools. Firstly, awareness-building stage where advertising and publicity play crucial roles in this stages. Lot of advertising of Nestle’s product like Milo and Nespray spread out throughout the television, online youtube, radio and others. Publicity is also one of the tools of communication mix in marketing. Research by Satawedin (2005), stated that public relation have high objective to create knowledge and information, make goodwill and correct any misjudgement and mistake in order to keep and maintain good relationship between association and publics. It can be seen in 2014, Nestle’s Milo awarded the Best Idea- Public Relations for wildly big hit Breakfast Movement Campaign. The campaign manages to spread the importance of taking breakfast on school aged children, mothers, fathers and family and successfully achieve over 100,000 pledges and assurance from public to take breakfast as routine. Hence, Nestle’s manage to influence and give awareness to all customers to buy and take their product in their daily life
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