Market for Health Drink in the UK

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Executive Summary In this report I shall be looking at data compiled on the client and using this data I will analyse the market potential and demand for "health drinks" within the United Kingdom. Also I will consider whether it is viable to expand and develop the brand within the market whilst maintaining the socially responsible attitude of the company, in conjunction with the growing health trends and the client's ethical product production. The key issues facing the client are that; firstly; the business is focusing all of its energy onto the youth market and not attracting business and sales from the older demographic that in years to come will be a massive market, which is as yet untapped. This may be due to the fact that one of the client's main aim is to "help provide children with healthier food" (GMID 2007). Secondly; the client has not fully taken into account the changing lifestyles of people and their demands, emerging markets within the health drinks market such as health snacks have not been considered by the client and must be if they wish to expand their business and move away from being known as a one product business. Table of Contents Introduction – Page 5 Problems & Opportunities – Page 6 Research Objectives – Page 7 Background Information The changes in culture in the UK– Page 8 The changes in demographics – Page 9 Conclusions & Recommendations – Page 10 Bibliography & References – Page 11 Appendix – Page 12 Introduction The fruit juice and health drinks market has, over the past couple of years, seen a massive growth both in terms of sales and of the increasing demographic of customers that are choosing to purchase the products, especially at the expense of carbonated drinks. In 2006 the estimated value of the total market was £2.77 billion at retail selling price, having grown from 30.7% in 2002 (Key Note, 2007). Innocent Drinks are the markets biggest player with a market share of around 62% , selling in excess of 600,000 drinks every week (Barnett, 2005) The business is currently valued at £100 million. Not only content with being the largest distributor of smoothies the business has branched out to start the selling of "thickies" – a yoghurt based drink which promises to be a hugely innovative idea and also water based fruit drinks aimed at children. The aim of this report is to examine Innocent Drinks position within the market and to see how their position of strength can be built upon, both in the current market and any potential new markets.

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