Manifesto on Becoming an Architect

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Architecture operates with in the confines of a creative field and the current economic means, these two systems would prefer to operate independently, however are innately linked. Although most people would rather have you believe that they create a finite juxtaposition between the two. Architecture is seldom considered both a profitable business and a functioning artistic outlet, in which practitioners are consistently made to choose between the two. However it is conceivable that between modern architectural practice and the application of typical business, that architects have the tools to overcome the current status quo. Through the many architectural business models created I intend to argue that a hybrid model could coexist if not only to feed actual architectural inspiration. The fields of architecture are consistently related albeit simplistically though brand, design, engineering, and real estate, which all ultimately feed into the greater economic market which everyone takes part. As the role of the architect changes we should consistently be using everything in our means to maintain our societal significance. Thus as our role of the master builder becomes appropriated by computational BIM software and our sister professions, architects as creators should use their skills to broaden their reach into all environments in which we live. Investment & Architecture As one of the most expensive items to be purchased or made architecture rightfully is regarded as an investment. Although for architects they tend to be merely considered proposals or projects, despite the empathetic feeling architects tend feel towards the project, there is no true ownership. While in this role a group or architects may simply just scrape by... ... middle of paper ... ...ion were to do the same thing with their practices, we would not have the stagnant status quo of today. We are already learning that through more cross-pollination of faculties architects flourish more. However this is the moment that we broaden our scope to save the profession from being completely dissolved. With so much variety and creative potential it is not necessary for architects, especially young ones to conform. It is the next generation that has the power to change what it means to be an architect, but for years we let the industry tell us who we are. It is time we tell the industry that we are architects and project our skills into every thing we are capable of. If we can accomplish this we can fill in the missing pieces between the starving architect and the corporate firm. No one is ever going to tell us we are worth more, unless we show them why.

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