Managing Four Generations of Employees

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Comparing Intergenerational Values Robbins & Judge (2011) states that comparing the values of each generation one will see that the traditionalist are hardworking people with loyalty to their organization, while Baby Boomers are only loyal to their career. The other two generations have entirely different values in the sense that they are loyal to [either and or] self and relationships. Generation X and Millennial enjoy being part of a team, but this is where they separate. Generation X value flexibility so they can balance work and life, while the Millennial see themselves as becoming rich or famous. While the Baby Boomers place a great deal on achievement and success, the Generation X is not willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of their employer. Family and relationship is valued higher than the organization (p. 148-150). As Boomers and Traditionalist retire from the workforce Human resource managers must ensure the work force has trained those who remain the knowledge of these two groups or they will be forced to hire some back a part time consultants (Robbins & Judge 2011 p. 150). As one reads and compares the information provided thus far, it starts to bring commonality together, meaning that each generation has something to offer the other or to an organization. However, without a diverse manager or leader, these shared traits will not be successfully brought to the surface within a workforce. The traits of each generation will not be effective and benefit the organization without a strong human resource manager leading the way. Effective Leadership Styles According to Naik (2012) 100 college students graduating with a management degree examined what traits make a good leader. These students conclud... ... middle of paper ... ...ptions. (n.d.). Baby Boomers. Retrieved on November 23, 2013 from Value Options. (n.d.). Generation X. Retrieved on November 23, 2013 from Value Options. (n.d.). Generation Y. Retrieved on November 23, 2013 from Werner J.M., & DeSimone R.L., (2013). Human resource development (6th ed).. Mason, OH : South-Western. Kindle Edition Zemke, R.; Raines, C. & Filipczak, B. (2013). Generations at work: Managing the clash of veterans, boomers, Xers, and nexters in your workplace. AMACOM American Management Association. Performance Research Associates, 2000. US Department of Health & Human Services (2014). Read the law. Retrieved on February 12, 2013 from
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