Making Yourself Marketable

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The readings this week focused on the idea of the growing and developing field of communication with an emphasis on the area of academia. These articles show a more hopeful side of communications that I rather focus on instead of some of the more depressing outlooks on the field that we have come across in class readings for the past few weeks. I like many people changed my major multiple times throughout my undergraduate career. When I finally landed on two fields of communication that complimented each other, advertising and public relations. I choose to major in both with the hope of making myself just a little bit more marketable. As through my experience in politics and internships that having a wide range of skills was extremely valuable in real world. Although my ultimate goal is to do research and teach, I have always been one to prepare for a back-up plan. However, keeping in mind that from our previous readings that the field of communication is either dying or never really had a chance to survive. We as scholars in the field of communication must find ways to keep ...

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