Magnavox Odyssey

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Introduction Evolution of Games Today, Gaming is a part of our cultural landscape. The evolution of gaming started in 1972 with the release of “Brown Box” prototype as the Magnavox Odyssey. The first widely popular home console system was the Atari 2600 in 1977. “Space Invaders” was the best-selling game at that time. The games for TRS-80 and APPLE computers were also taking off at this time. The computer games market had a huge hike, when the console game industry experienced a crash in 1983. Industry soon recovered from the crash and never looked back again [1]. With Magnavox Odyssey in the First generation, the console gaming industry had grown up to Seventh generation with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii in the hot spots. If we take in to consideration the advantages in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, we have Microsoft Xbox 360 with Xbox Live, which provides the best possible online experience. The Sony PlayStation 3 can be used as a Blue-ray Player as well, which can improve your media viewing experience considerably. The Nintendo Wii has the advantage of bringing an entirely new gaming experience (Motion Sensor) in to the living room [2]. Gamer Demographics By simple definition, the gamer demographics involve the study of gaming habits with in people of different ages. The analysis involves different variables such as how many people play video games, age of an average gamer, gender of the gamers, what games they play and so on [3]. We divide the gamer’s field of interest into • PC GAMES • CONSOLE GAMES Gamer Demographic facts 2006-2010 After considering the changes in gamer demographics from the year 2006-2010, I was able ... ... middle of paper ... ...12]. I believe like Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect will also reach the hot spot in no time. Conclusion Studio I started my studio 2 years back with a core aim in developing games for PC and was successful in developing some good genres. From the findings I would like to conclude that, video game console industry is growing at a faster rate and in this seventh generation of console games, Nintendo Wii has conquered the kingdom. I think this is the best time for my studio’s transition from PC to Console (Nintendo Wii) development which I believe could highly influence my studios future growth in the market. Also I agree that video game industry has been a male dominated one. But as it started to change the view, my studio is also planning to recruit females in the near future for the better future of the game market.

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