Loyalty And Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is about the consumer’s believing in your organization and trusting your product. Consumer loyalty is powerful against competitors, where despite the competitor’s presence, an organization is able to retain its customers. It is highly valued by organizations. From a study of (Abdullah et al, 2012), it is seen that loyal customers tend to have a positive opinion and behavior towards the organization.
Consumer loyalty is when a client continues to believe that the product and services that an organization is providing is the best that meets their needs and expectations. They take that opportunity each time faced with a purchase decision. Based on customers’ responses to questions, specific aspects of their relationship with
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This tendency motivates the customers to shop more straightforwardly, spend more money, and helping consumers to have a positive review about the organization thus increasing the organization competitiveness
Loyal customers can act as key ambassadors for a particular brand or organization in the sense that they are more likely to recommend or purchase a product themselves. They often associate themselves to the organization in believing in their products and the superiority of their products. It is usually seen that loyal consumers are often willingly buying any products that their preferred organisations release. This proves that loyal consumers provide a key security for organisations as they know that their loyal consumers will stand by
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Providing a good service to one’s customer is the first step in generating consumer loyalty. Not providing a good service to a customer will only lead the latter to look elsewhere with his purchase. Customer satisfaction is a key component in having a customer that will return for future purchases. The organization need to research on its market and adapt to its demands. They need to investigate into the purchasing behavior of their audience. The customer buying behavior is about investigating what people buy, the reasons they buy and how the buying process goes on (Kotler, 1994) and they need to research thoroughly.
Organizations need to adopt the right pricing strategies. The prices need to be fair and affordable. The pricing strategy needs to be an integral part of any organization selling in the market (Wharton, 2003).By having a reasonable price; the customer is able to retain its existing customers as well as attracting new ones. It should also be noted that organisations need to do proper market analysis so as to keep prices on par with competitors. Having good prices help create consumer loyalty among existing consumers and also help to attract new
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