Love Essay: The Addiction Of Love

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The Addiction of Love Both beauty and madness is portrayed in love. The Weeknd’s album; Beauty Behind The Madness, is known to be the way he expresses his sanity behind his vision. He compares and contrasts how “beauty” represents the great side of love and the “madness” contradicts the idea of beauty. This comparison expresses how love can drive humans’ insane. The Weeknd also known as Abel Tesfaye, has built a whole career around the relationship between drugs and love. His song “Can’t Feel My Face” demonstrates how an abnormal addiction to love, naturally alters the way humans behave and think. Abel uses his powerful tone and lyrics incorporating personification, metaphors and repetition to showcase how the dependency of drugs is as dangerous…show more content…
Love can do great things for humans, but when they obsess over the idea of love it tends to blindly lead them to a dark side of their life. This feeling of love slowly develops into an addiction that the mind requires, therefore the addiction begins to exploit humanity’s weaknesses. Abel personifies his addiction through the use of a woman he is deeply in love with. He interprets the unpleasant side of love when he informs his listeners that “she'll always get the best of me. / The worst is yet to come” (Tesfaye 3,4). The Weeknd utilizes his heartfelt lyrics to convey how his addiction to love tends to take him over, causing him to disconnect from reality. He admits to himself that he feels the best when he gives into his addiction, and avoids the harsh reality of his life. This “love" is altering his feelings towards life, causing him to believe “she’ll be the death of me” (Tesfaye 1). Here the Weeknd states; the drugs will eventually be the death of him, leading the listeners to believe that at some point in the song he will overdose on his “love”. Love of drugs, has slowly lead him to the dark side of his thoughts, therefore it strips him of his

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