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  • Love and Lust

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    Love and Lust Love and lust are two very strong words with very strong meanings. In this class we discussed whether or not the two are related. Love and lust are two words that go hand and hand in relationships. They are emotions that are interlocked with one another. Without one it is hard to have the other and it also seems that in order to be in and stay in love, one must desire or lust after their partner. Without that desire, love and the wanting to be with one's partner can fade away.

  • Ramayana And The Theme Of Lust

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    concept of Lust Ramayana by R.K. Narayana is an epic tale of the protector god Vishnu in his human form as Rama. Ramayana is not just a story about Rama’s journey to abolish evil but it also deals with conquering the five fold evils and reaching a higher level of one’s own spirituality. Lust is one of the main fold evils and is a very common subject in the epic tale. In many instances and situations, Rama conquers it to save many lives including his own. First, Rama learns about the sin of lust, how people

  • Lust in Sonnet CXXIX (129)

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    Lust in Sonnet CXXIX (129) A Savage Action Full of Blame - The essences of pure lust and its’ dark side. That is, in a word, what Shakespeare in his Sonnet CXXIX1 describes. His language is full of anger, frustration and self-blaming. A real, emotional, affected language - no flourishes. Shakespeare doesn't write about eternal love, the beauties of a woman or spiritual relations - all themes which we might expect from a classical sonnets. No - he talks about lust and the feeling of being dominated

  • Comparing Araby and Lust

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    Joyce’s Araby begins as a story about a young boy and his first love, his neighbor referred to in the story as Mangan's sister. However, the young boy soon turns his innocent love and curiosity into a much more intense desire, transforming this female and his journey to the bazaar into something much more intense and lustful. From the beginning, Joyce paints a picture of the neighborhood in which the boy lives as very dark and cold. Even the rooms within his house are described as unfriendly, "Air

  • Definition Essay: The Sin Of Lust

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    have existed as a symbol of lust endlessly. Lust is more than just a sexual desire; it’s a need for pleasure. Even in the bible, John describes lust as “lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” Humankind’s psyche is founded up on the idea of having and expressing feelings. Emotions are some of the key motives that influence our actions. However, the abuse and obsession with feelings, especially of pleasure, are what define the sin of lust. Lust, when translated into Latin

  • Love and Lust in Indian Literature

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    consummation has because of its relationship to divine love. This paper will scrutinize both the love and lust discussed in Indian literature and will argue that ultimately though the carnal love is important to both divine and mundane life, the spiritual love is ultimately the most revered form of love that a man and woman can possess. The first desire that will be looked at is that of the sexual lust that all people, divine and mortal, both feel and often succumb to. This love is found frequently in

  • Analysis of Lust, by Susan Minot

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    "They turn casually to look at you, distracted, and get a mild distracted surprise, you're gone. Their blank look tells you that the girl they were fucking is not there anymore. You seem to have disappeared.(pg.263)" In Minot's story Lust you are play by play given the sequential events of a fifteen year old girls sex life. As portrayed by her thoughts after sex in this passage the girl is overly casual about the act of sex and years ahead of her time in her awareness of her actions. Minot's unique

  • Seduction and Lust in Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market

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    Seduction and Lust in Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market A seemingly innocent poem about two sisters’ encounters with goblin men, Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” is a tale of seduction and lust. Behind the lattice of the classic mortal entrapment and escapement from fairyland, “Goblin Market” explores Laura’s desire for heterosexual knowledge, the goblin men’s desire for mortal flesh, and Laura and Lizzie’s desire for homosexual eroticism. Goblin men fascinate the sisters Laura and

  • Comparing Bharati Mukherjee's The Tenant and Susan Minot's Lust

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    Comparing Bharati Mukherjee's The Tenant and Susan Minot's Lust The protagonists in both Bharati Mukherjee's "The Tenant" and Susan Minot's "Lust" are extremely promiscuous; both have many sexual relationships with little emotional involvement and no commitment. While the two protagonists display many of the same behaviors and often have similar motivations, their reasoning and reactions sometimes differ. "The Tenant" and "Lust" offer two different perspectives into the social expectations that

  • Lust, Violence, and Death in John Milton's Paradise Lost

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    Lust, Violence, and Death in Paradise Lost Images and allusions to sex and death are intermingled throughout John Milton's Paradise Lost. The character of Satan serves as not only an embodiment of death and sin, but also insatiated sexual lust. The combination of sex and lust has significant philosophical implications, especially in relation to themes of creation, destruction, and the nature of existence. Milton, in Paradise Lost, establishes that with sex, as with religion, he is of no particular

  • Lust and the Degeneration of Man Exposed in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 129

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    Lust and the Degeneration of Man Exposed in Shakespeare’s 129th Sonnet Love in its purest form is the most unsurpassable of all emotions, requiring intense commitment, while simultaneously providing incomparable bliss. However, often the intense desire for these feelings produces a new emotion, lust, with a craving that gives priority to obtaining an objectified person, as opposed to a very real human. Lust can be further practically defined as the inability to place selfless love on a higher

  • Comparing Relationships in Susan Minot's Lust and Coraghessan Boyle's Carnal Knowledge

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    Comparing Relationships in Susan Minot's Lust and Coraghessan Boyle's Carnal Knowledge "After the briskness of loving, loving stops"-Susan Minot This quote from Minot summarizes the love affairs in her short story "Lust" and T. Coraghessan Boyle's short story "Carnal Knowledge." The protagonists in these stories go to great lengths to please their significant others hoping to find loving, fulfilling relationships. They make sacrifices and relinquish certain degrees of power to find happiness

  • How Cinema and Theater Convey Pleasure in the Acts of Search and Lust

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    How Cinema and Theater Convey Pleasure in the Acts of Search and Lust In her essay, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, British film maker Laura Mulvey attempts to demystify how pleasure can be fulfilled in film. Contending that a pleasure in looking (scopohilia) and a pleasure in possessing the female as what to be looked at (voyeurism) fufills the audience’s desires, Mulvey suggests how filmmakers use this knowledge to create film that panders to our innate desires. In “Meshes of the Afternoon”

  • Love vs. Lust in Andrew Marvell's Poem, To His Coy Mistress

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    I know that there is a unique difference between love and lust. In the Andrew Marvell poem “To His Coy Mistress,” I would argue over the issue of love versus lust. In this poem, we are introduced to a man who is infatuated with a young woman and wants to become intimate with her. He tries to pursue this young woman, but the woman is playfully hesitant. The man is trying to explain to the young woman if she keeps being resistant to him, they would never get a chance become intimate. Could it be that

  • Love and Lust in Play-By-Play, Sex without Love, and Junior Year Abroad

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    Love and Lust in Play-By-Play, Sex without Love, and Junior Year Abroad Lust is an incredibly strong feeling that can prove to be almost uncontrollable, leading it to commonly be mistaken for love. Due to the relative closeness of these emotions, both are often confused, and even when one is in love he or she does not recognize it. Many think that love just comes knocking on one's door and one will know when it does, but they don't realize that for love to occur a relationship has must

  • Essay on Lust and Love in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 and Campion’s There is a Garden

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    Lust and Love in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 and Campion’s There is a Garden in Her Face When a comparison is made between There is a Garden in Her Face by Thomas Campion and Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare, the difference between lustful adoration and true love becomes evident. Both poems involve descriptions of a beloved lady seen through the eyes of the speaker, but the speaker in Campion's poem discusses the woman's beautiful perfections, while the speaker in Shakespeare's poem shows that

  • Immorality in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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    utilizes these tales to display one specific immoral act, which is sexual sin or lust. Chaucer addresses the seven deadly sins in his novel; The Canterbury Tales, lust can be highlighted in two major tales “The Miller’s Tale,” and “The Merchant’s Tale” which help display key elements of the immorality in the Middle Ages. Marriage is an aspect of medieval society that strives to remain pure and innocent, but when the sin of lust is compounded, problems start to rise. The marriages during the middle ages

  • Seven Deadly Sins Research Paper

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    they also represent potential potholes in the road to college.” (1) In detail Lust, Sloth, Envy and Pride, four of the seven deadly sins that are being smeared on campus today. The first sin, which often takes place in today’s libraries, because of the endless technologies and resources readily accessible, this is where numerous students devote several hours researching and being engaged in homework. In other words Lust is being committed. To illustrate undergraduates are becoming vastly dedicated

  • Analysis of the Poems To his Coy Mistress and Oranges

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    and more desperate. It conveys a face of love that agrees more with lust and carnal desire. While in “Oranges” a poem about a young boy taking out a girl for the first time shows us a different face. This is a face that most of young love, which most of us are familiar with and that is anxious and excited, all wrapped into one. In these poems “To His Coy Mistress” uses tone and symbolism to convey this mans love in the form of lust, while “Oranges” uses these elements to convey the innocent love of

  • Love in D.H. Lawrence's The White Stocking

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    Lust Plus Rage = Love "I love you," is used on a daily basis. Though nobody agrees what that means, all agree the feeling is powerful. In fact, nothing can control a person like love can, and worse, nobody has control over what love is going to do to them next. Love causes lust, love causes happiness, and love causes anger. In D.H. Lawrence's short story "The White Stocking" the main character Ted Whiston loves his wife Elsie. As the story progresses the reader finds out this love has psychological