Examples Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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Cruel and Beautiful World – Grouplove The title of the song shines surprisingly clear, though it creates a feeling of being unpleasant and obnoxious for the listeners. The man in this song either feels rejected or disappointed at the world as it seems to be so cruel and also beautiful. Obviously, the world itself always has an equal balance of good and bad and you can never have both. Even though the man got his girl but he feels they are falling apart. The novel, The Great Gatsby, is a tragic story of lost love. Gatsby and Daisy are two different people in two different worlds. In their time apart, Gatsby was seeking for the American dream while Daisy was enjoying her riches with Tom. Gatsby is one of a few men who possess the knowledge of the true meaning of love. Love is so powerful and beautiful that Gatsby would do anything and everything to make Daisy his wife. However, love is also a mysterious thing that can turn anything from an everlasting relationship to murder. It turns out that Gatsby, a man with the possession of true love, is the one that suffers the most. Gatsby and Daisy, both represent love in their own unique way. Love could be beautiful but also cruel as the same time. Patience – Guns ‘N Rose Patience is about a broken relationship in which the man is trying to get his girlfriend back. There is no doubt that the man loves his girl with all his heart. “Shed a tear because I’m missing you. I’m still alright to smile.” Their relationship seems to become unmoving. However, with determination clenched over his heart, the man optimistically sets out to change the situation around by “taking it slow”. The situation of the man in this song can be referred to Gatsby’s relationship with Daisy, whom he loves the most. ... ... middle of paper ... ...people. Tom and Daisy have one thing in common which is their excessive behavior which definitely causes great impact and influence on other people, especially those innocent people like Gatsby, Nick, the Wilson family, and even themselves. Tom is excessively wealthy, aggressive, and abusive while Daisy is excessively careless and neglectful. Tom and Daisy’s extreme behavior causes other people around them to suffer but they do not know or do not even care. That is the nature of rich people which is described by Nick: “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy-they smashed up things … and then retreated back into their vast carelessness...” (179). Tom and Daisy cause the death of Gatsby and other innocent people but neither of them come to justify themselves. The power of money seems to blind their eyes, block their mind. These kinds of people only hurt the society.
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