Literature Review Of Mobile Marketing By Daniel Rowles

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As stated in Kitis’ journal ‘Ads- Part of our lives’ (2012), ‘Ads affect us all in different ways.’ (pg. 305). Advertising is reached to us at least one thousand times or more a day, whether we think about it or not. Mobile advertisement is now a huge part of our lives, especially being young adults. With technology on the rise, and every young adult owning and using a mobile phone, companies are taking advantage of the ever-growing trends and apps. Research from SmartInsight shows the average adult in Australia uses their mobile devices 2.8 hours a day. With this growing from 0.3 hours a day in 2008, it is obvious mobile usage is massively growing, and continues to grow.

Advertising is reached to us at least one thousand times
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Rowles outlines how companies have a far better understand and reach to target audiences, and defines mobile marketing as the new pinnacle and revolution in advertising

The theory AIDA (Attention, interest, desire and action) was founded by Strong in 1925, to show the behavioural model to how humans react to advertising, and ‘is seen as highly persuasive and is said to often unconsciously affect our thinking’ (Butterfield, 1997). This translate into mobile advertising as the company and technology have the power to really hit the target audiences screens, making it vital to get the audience’s attention, and making it easier than ever for companies and businesses to do so.

The positive impact from mobile advertising outweighs the negative impacts. Michelle Robertson (2011) outlines the do’s and don’t of mobile advertising, and its benefits in her article ‘Mobile display advertising more effective than online’. Caroline Clancy’s (2012) ‘Is advertising on mobile social media effective,’ and Zheng Fang/Xueming Luo’s (2015) ‘How effective is location-targeted mobile advertising,’ both back up the positive points to mobile