Listening: The Key To Becoming A Good Listener

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Listening is a great skill, but most of us lack that one. The quality of listening differentiates between an average achiever and a successful human being. On an average, women speak 20,000 words in a day and men speak 13,000 words. However, the question is how many words we listen. When we start talking with someone, we have begun demanding their full attention, but in our case, we work exactly opposite of that. Good listening quality can bring you a lot of benefits with it. Some of which can make real changes in your life. Here is what you will get when you become a good listener. Problem Solving Quality: The key to achieving your desired goal in this competitive world is to become a problem solver. Anybody can fire an average worker,…show more content…
And when you listen to others you learn new stuff, new views and understand new characters. Decision Making Quality: You will grab more information by listing to others, ultimately that will help you in making the big decisions. You will feel fewer burdens in your neck. And at the end of the day that will help you in increase your overall production. Better Relationships: Good listing quality will give you an edge over others; people will love to talk with you. They will share their deepest feelings. And that will help you in make a good bond with others. Being Smart: Proper listening will make you smarter. You will make fewer mistakes. You will know when and what action will require for making out an effective result. Leadership Skills: You will improve one of the core qualities of leadership by improving your listening qualities. As we all know “A Good Leader is a Great Listener.” Increase Productivity: Listening will reduce the chances of making mistakes in your work. You will be able to make more product than you had ever done…show more content…
Don’t judge them; try to put yourself in their position and then talk. It will help them feel secure to talk with you. Don’t Interrupt: The best quality of a good listener is, he/she never interrupts in a conversation. Apply it to yourself also; don’t try to speak when someone else is speaking. Let them complete their sentence, then try to progress with your conversation. Make them Confident: If you’re talking with someone who is not comfortable speaking with you, or have a doubtful mind, let them feel comfortable with you, then start the conversation. Avoid habits and manners: Don’t focus on the other person’s manners and behaviors, just try to focus on their words. What they want to convey. Ultimately, that’s what matters. Make Eye Contact: For being a good listener maintain a proper eye contact is an essential part, by doing so, you will not only avoid distraction but also understand your speaker well. Also, you will be able to read their body language correctly. Clarification: If you think somewhere something is missing or you haven’t understood it properly, don’t skip that one, ask it again, so that you carried a clear
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