Reflection On My Listening Strengths As A Listener

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Over the past few days, I have been able to reflect on my listening skills; both strengths and weaknesses. Although I do have some strong points as a listener, there are several areas I need to improve on. Upon reflection, I was also able to create a number of goals I have for working on these skills over the semester and continuing these after the conclusion of the class.
In terms of my listening strengths, I do a good job at making and maintaining eye contact with people. Specifically, this helps me stay focused and listen to what the person speaking is saying. I do not become distracted with external factors and pay attention to the person and the conversation. I think that eye contact is important because it gives a non-verbal message that you are listening and are hearing what is being said. This listening skill occurs daily; whether it be in a meeting where I am introduced or talking to a client, in class listening to my professor, or at home with my family.
Another strength of mine as a listener is the ability to ask questions and to keep myself engaged in the conversation. For me, asking questions are important because they clarify information if I do not understand and allow for asking for more information. On the other hand, it is important to not ask too many questions because then I am taking over the conversation and not listening. As a financial advisor, I have daily potential client meetings where listening is critical and allows me to take away key information. During these conferences, I ask the prospective customers questions and based off of their answers, I evaluate a possible financial outcome for their present and future. If I do not listen and pay strict attention to each client’s detailed an...

... middle of paper ..., effective listener during meetings and presentations. I need to be able to give the speaker my undivided attention.
Last, I am determined to become a more patient listener in all areas of my life. A lot of times I fall victim to not letting people who are close to me fully state their opinions without me cutting them off and putting in my two-sense. I need to allow the speaker to finish their thought and process everything that is said and then politely respond to them. It is definitely easy to interrupt and state my case, but I am focused on training myself to concentrate and be respectful and listen. Whether this is geared towards something I am passionate about at my company or a story my mother is telling, I need to put myself in the speaker’s shoes.
Overall, listening is something that is crucial to life and is something that I need to improve on.

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