Leonardo Da Vinci: The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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A picture’s worth a thousand words is a line that everyone has heard at least once in their life. However, when it comes to a picture or in this case specifically, a drawing, they could be worth millions. Leonardo Da Vinci, a well-known legend among our generations and the past. Ideas revolving around military tech, flight, and robots were all sprouted by Leonardo Da Vinci. He is the ‘godfather’ of our modern day technology and there is no one else to thank than this man who lived five-hundred years ago. During his time, Leonardo Da Vinci was a very well-known man due to his unique and strong talents. His ingenuity did nothing but create, invent and design technology. The question at hand still remains, how did he do it? The only solidifying…show more content…
His ability to really experiment and think through his designs was on a completely differently level. When Da Vinci was thinking about flight, he came up with ideas that differed from the rest. As opposed to flying against nature using sheer mechanical power and engineering, he created designs that would utilize nature. This thought process of can be seen in his designs behind his ornithopter, a flying mechanism that portrays the image of a bird with batwings. Leonardo realized if his design were to simply flap up and down like birds do, there would be no lift. Therefore, Da Vinci added a twisting motion to his design when the wings would flap in order to gain lift and glide. Leonardo was an engineer that didn’t need complex equations and physics to create designs. His designs mainly originated from his ability use his engineering ingenuity to create designs that just worked effectively. A big factor that really held him back was actually following through and manufacturing the design. He didn’t have the access to technology we have nowadays to create his inventions. However, this is the importance of his drawings and designs. Engineers and innovators love looking for ways to really go through with Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs since in our modern era, we now have access to the technology that he did not have access…show more content…
Leonardo was truly a genius. It may come off as a surprise but the roots of robotic technology and programmable technology all came from the renaissance era because of Leonardo Da Vinci. His designs prove that there was thoughts of robotic technology five-hundred years ago. It was amazing when engineers and robot fanatics figured out one of Da Vinci’s designs. They were all very shocked by how much this one man has achieved, better yet, his first robotic creation was made in his younger years. He created a miniature vehicle that would be able move around robotically all with adjustable steering and speed. It really is amazing to find out what people were already innovating five-hundred years ago because surprisingly, before the industrial revolution, humans from the past were already creating technology. To restate from earlier, it is a great thing that the modern era can really expand on the past’s ideas now that technology has taken a huge step forward. This has always been how our modern era worked when it comes to innovating. Rather than innovating ourselves, people would rather expand and evolve previously existing
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