Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

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Everyone is aware of marriage. We have heard about it, gone to one, or even been in one. The idea of marriage is something that is bestowed upon us and something that we look forward to ever since we were children, but what about those who what to get married to the same sex. How is that possible? As you know, everything changes at some point or another, this includes marriage. That is why same-sex marriage should be legalized. It has come to a point where the idea or a “normal” marriage has to change in order to fit in with a constantly changing society.
Throughout history we always hear that marriage has been between one man and one woman, whether it be from the Roman Empire, Muslims, and most talked about, the Christian religion, but if you look closely you start to see that those marriages where for different reason then what it is today. Let’s talk about marriage in the older Western civilizations. During those times, marriage was just a method in order for kings to keep power within one’s family. If these kings had no problem with keeping a royal line they would then have their sons or daughters marry in the sole purpose to form alliances and to gain land. This didn’t just occur in the royal families. Many of the lower classes would marry so they could have children to help with work and keep a family business going. This was understandable at the time; however, in the present day and age we marry because we love someone not because they have something that can help us increase on the economical ladder. Love is the reason we get married, why should that be any different if that person you love is of the same sex. As you can see the history of marriage has changed already due to a changing society (Staff 1).
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