Impact of Seperation

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Religion among Americans is currently very widespread currently. Research shows, approximately 90 percent of Americans profess a belief in God. Therefore religion remains a great influence on American culture. But ironically, the United States is among the few nations that doesn’t establish an official religion. This is called the separation of church and state. The implementation of the separation of church and state, in the 1990s, has been a controversy that has not only transformed the government but also the education of our current society.
The separation of church and state is the government’s neutral position of toward religion. The separation of church and state is not directly found in the United States Constitution. But, this principle is often referred to the freedom of religion in the First Amendment. The First Amendment prohibits the creation of a national religion, but not necessarily the separation of church and state. The true purpose of the First Amendment was to forbid the federal government from establishing a national church, like the British did. The amendment recognizes a “differentiation between the church and the government, it does not mean that they could not cooperate with each other”, said best by Tomas Jefferson. The government is prohibited from supporting or endorsing any religion, or promoting one at the expense of another. The government also cannot appoint religious leaders, force anyone to worship, or provide interpretations of sacred scripture.
Historians say our Founding Fathers provided four major reasons for the separation of church and state. First, the framers wanted separation so that the church affairs could be protected from any government issues. Also, so Americans could be protected fr...

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