Same Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic by Maya Shwadyer

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Understanding Same Sex Violence
The article I chose for my popular press critique is called; Same sex domestic violence epidemic is silent by Maya Shwadyer. The reason why I chose this article was to learn why or how same domestic violence happens and I can give my friend/family help if they become in this situation. The article examines many cause and effects concepts of relationship violence and how to seek an end of abusive relationships. The three main points identified in this essay are, understanding what is relationship violence, intimate violence, defining homosexual and bisexual, causes and effects of same sex violence ( emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

In the article Shwadyer explores the term homophobia and homosexual in society and its definition. She also examines the aspects of domestic violence and its toll on the relationship, survivor empowerment, violence statistics, and the changing views in politics/laws. But, Shwadyer does point out that data on same sex partner abuse is significantly low to that of heterosexual couples. With recent debates on same sex marriages psychologists and researchers have provided more data on same sex domestic violence. Even though they researchers and advocates provide some resources on the LGBT community, the majority of the information is too narrow to relate to its victims. Therefore, states and violence shelters need to urge same sex partners to speak up and mentor the LGBT’s in their population (Joyful heart foundation. 2013).

Now, relationship violence can be explained as a spouse of boyfriend/girlfriend using controlling behavior to intimidate, blame, isolate or threaten their partner (physically, emotional...

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...thoughts and policies on gender preferences so that victims and their families can seek help. We must understand that abuse is wrong and in order to fix it we must support individuals of the homosexual-bisexual community.

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