Humanistic Theory: Self-Determination Theory And Motivational Theory

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The connection with motivation and theory has been the interest of scholars for centuries. There are so many theories which impact motivation and others that merely adds to the understanding thereof. Over the last three weeks we have engaged in the process of examining several different theories, to include: Self-Determination Theory, Humanistic Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Cognitive Evaluation Theory, Self-Motivational Theory, Arousal Theory and so on. Human beings act and/or react on their individual needs, desires and/or satisfactions. Ultimately, we as human beings have certain wants and desires; therefore we then in return do and/or are willing to do certain things to get the desired outcome. The cycle of life is based on differences;…show more content…
The individuals’ behavior and the results of the behavior then alter the individuals’ outcome. Hence, a person’s behavior and/or when they feel a level of or lack of control, one then acts and/or reacts differently. This then is all contingent on the individuals’ motivation toward and from the subject at hand. Researchers Chemolli & Gagne (2014) reports that the “Self-Determination Theory hypothesizes that an inherent tendency of organisms is to develop by incorporating their capabilities into an intelligible inner edifice called the…show more content…
This is when the individuals’ motivation is internalized versus being motivated by external motivations as with the Humanistic and a few other theories. The STD theory promotes the attainment of increased knowledge and mental independence. Whereas the Humanistic theory addresses the internal motivations which are maintained and/or supported by a variety of external supports such as influence therapy, educational settings, the healthcare system and supports and other structured external programs intended to build on other external

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