Leadership And Management

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In today's world economy companies come and go every single day. It takes good strong leadership and management to guide an organization to success. While many people consider management and leadership to be synonymous they are in reality two different concepts. A person can be a good leader but if he does not know how to manage a company that company will be destined to fail. Also if a person had great management skills but lacks in leadership no matter how good he is if he can not lead his employees towards the goal then it is a failed attempt at success. Management is considered a job description whereas leadership is considered a trait. In this paper we will differentiate between management and leadership. We will also examine how leaders create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

As stated before management and leadership are two different concepts. Wikipedia defines management as "the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business, through the deployment and manipulation of resources". In the world of business, management can be stated as a pursuit towards an overall goal that is effective and efficient. Also management is the ability to integrate works from different workforces through planning, and organizing. Ultimately management is a theory that is put into practice by a team to create a successful organization. The individuals in these teams are known as managers. It is the job of these individuals to guide a company towards the goal. To properly manage it takes a set of functions to make the organization su...

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... concerns with process" (leadership, 2005). In closing it is up to management to make sure that the plans and processes are in place, and it is up to the leaders that have the leadership abilities to act on those plans and use those processes.

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