Introducing Modern Management

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Introducing Modern Management

Management is what runs everyday life, somewhat smoothly while everyone conducts their every day life. “Management by definition is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources.” (Certo, Samuel C, Pg 5). Management in the role of a manager, is to guide their employee's toward the corporate goals. Managers are able to complete this task by following the management function, which contains several parts. These parts consist of Planning, Organizing, Influencing, and Controlling. With all four of these parts put together you have established the foundation of becoming a good manager, with good management skills. Planning is the first of the four steps, which states that this is the outline of what you are trying to achieve. Planning is straight forward and simple, but mistakes such as rushing through viable solutions and not considering them can damage your planning phase immensely. The next step within the management function is organization. Just like being in school, or at work, it is important to be organized as a manager. Organizing determines the work that has to be done, and the order it has to be done in, in order to obtain your goal. Without organization the planning phase becomes useless when trying to manage your employee's. The most social aspect of the management phase would be he influencing stage, where the manager has to “Motivate, lead, and direct” their employee's. The last and final stage of the management functions is controlling. While most managers are able to obtain some type of control over their employee's dangers such as non-existent performance expectations can destroy the entire foundation that the manage...

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... one step ahead so in the case a horrible output is in the works, it is possible to fix your mistake and move on with out and big re-precautions. Managers can be born or raised as long as the determination is in the mind, and everyone has the ability to achieve what they desire in life as long as they are able to manage themselves correctly.

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