David Buckingham's Introducing Identity

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There is a constant journey through one’s life to figure out exactly who you are and how you identify yourself. In David Buckingham’s “Introducing Identity." Youth, Identity, and Digital Media, he quotes Erik Erikson’s theory that one of the critical stages of discovering who you are is in your adolescence. Angela Thomas continues this theory with her belief that todays youth can live out their fantasy lives and find themselves through the readily available digital social media. One of the issues today’s youth struggles with is discovering exactly who they are. In David Buckingham’s “Introducing Identity." Youth, Identity, and Digital Media, he describes it as a struggle to “be myself” or to “find my true self” (5). However, the constant need to confirm one’s identity is no longer confined to your social sphere, but to the global sphere. Through the introduction of social media anyone is able to broaden their own identity. Angela Thomas …show more content…

Adolescence is a time of great change in one’s life. You are growing, not only physical, but mentally as well. You become more aware of who you are personally and are more confident in expressing your own wants and desires to others. Thomas continues this theory by stating, “identity online is about the authoring of self…becoming, belonging and behaving through a range of everyday social and discursive practices” (9). The youth of today have been able to experiment with different faucets of their identities online through social media. They are able to express their ideas and beliefs on a global scale. Not only are they able to express their own beliefs but they are able to broaden their thinking by hearing and seeing other social beliefs from around the

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