The Discoveries of Henry the Navagator

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Is it more important to explore or pay for the exploring? Henry’s appreciation for navigating and exploring began at a young age. As he grew older he fulfilled many of his goals in life. He helped others and even made some very important discoveries. He didn’t go on these expeditions but that was just a little obstacle in his way of success. History and the Age of Exploration would be different without his expeditions and the drive he had to fulfill his goals. Henry the Navigator was a very important factor to European history and history within itself. Henry the Navigator was born as Infante Henry, the Duke of Viseu. He was born in 1394 in the city of Porto to King John I and Philippa of Lancaster. Philippa was the sister of King Henry IV, so this made Henry the Navigator, Henry IV’s nephew. Henry had 3 brothers and 1 sister, Duarte, Pedro, Joao, and Isabel. Henry’s first real experience of his life was when he was 21, in 1415, and him, his brothers, and his father, attacked the Moslem port of Ceuta on the North African Coast. This was a tradition so that noblemen could prove their courage and what they’re worth. After this attack, Henry started thinking more and more and thought about navigation. The attack on Ceuta was what triggered Henry’s interest in navigation and sailing and was what led him to later on in life start trying to succeed in his goals. Ever since Henry was 21, he was interested in navigation and this is what started his career. After the attack on Ceuta, Henry became more and more interested in navigating. Since then he had been fascinated by Morocco. Henry’s true goals were to find a way to sail around Africa to get to Asia, to start a navigation school, and to find the christian empire of the priest-... ... middle of paper ... ...een new territory and had never been discovered. During the Age of Exploration, Henry made many huge impacts and it ever would’ve been the same. Henry the Navigator did many great things and they should be remembered. Everything from when he was 21 and joined his siblings and father and participated in his first fight to when he died. His navigation school was very important and helped many others. Even when he sponsored all those expeditions that gave others purposes and a chance to sail and travel, to try and find new places. Whether they made any discoveries or came back with nothing, it gave them a purpose. The Age of Exploration and history would’ve differed greatly if Henry the Navigator were to go down a different path. Henry the Navigator may not have gone out of his own country much, but he definitely contributed to many people in Europe, and history too.

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