Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company Case Study

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The Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company is a leader in specialty coffee, coffee maker, teas and other beverages. They have provided the means for brewing a single cup of coffee from the comfort of your home or workplace. The Keurig green Mountain Coffee Company focuses on the consumer and improving their coffee experience. As a company, they are emphasizing the importance of social responsibility. They claim that 85% of the waste from coffee is diverted from landfills and that their company has provided 57k total hours of volunteering. They currently offer 14 appliances for brewing beverages, over 500 varieties of beverages, and use 75 Brands in the Keurig system. In 2014 they had $4.7 Billion in net sales totaling $596 Million in net income. In 2014 the company began entering the global market. In less than one year they were able to penetrate the UK and Canada markets. (Keurig Green Mountain, 2015)…show more content…
The supporting product of the Keurig brewers are called K-cups; which are small plastic cups, lined with filters, and contain coffee grounds. A seal is then placed on the cup. Keurig also offers reusable K-Cup. A handle is located on the front top side of the brewer, once lifting the handle the K-Cup are placed in their designated location. When closing the brewer, it punctures a hole in the K-Cup. Hot water is then heated and pushed through the k cup into the cup placed under the brewer. Keurig has an array of brewing systems from single cup brews to brewers with reserves to hold more water. They even offer an espresso Keurig specializing in steamed milk. Keurig’s suggested retail price varies from $90 to $200 USD. The company has sold over 45 Million Brewers globally as of September 2014. These brewing systems offer a quick way to brew a fresh cup of coffee every time. (Keurig Green Mountain,