Starbucks Coffee Case Study

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Anh Ho
Ms. Perales
ENGWR 300 - 9AM
13 November, 2014
Starbucks Coffee Company The world without coffee is such a tasteless world. Nowadays, coffee is consumed all over the world, and it is also one of the most crucial produce in world trade. Coffee not only helps people relieve stress, but also makes them feel happier. Many customers, including officers, workers, and students get attracted to coffee due to its unique taste. As a result, more coffee shops are opened every day in this country. There are a lot of well-known coffee shops in America, namely, Dunkin Pumpkin, Cafe Du Monde, Four Barrel Coffee, and so on. Among those, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company not only in America, but also in the world. Why is it so successful?
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The company set a goal that “by 2015 100 percent of our coffee will be ethically sourced” (“Resource Manual” 9). This means the company will buy and serve high quality coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded. According to Starbucks Sourcing, the company “believes that it helps foster a better future for farmers and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change for the planet” by buying coffee this way (“Starbucks Sourcing” 1). The company will definitely reach its goal because in 2013, 95 percent of the coffee was ethically sourced (“Starbucks sourcing” 1). Addtionally, ethical sourcing has many advantages. For instance, it helps farmer earn more. Farmers will be working safely in adequate living conditions. Furthermore, the company also paid fair prices to the workers because “Workers’ wages should meet or exceed the minimum requirements under local and national laws.” (“Annual Report” 30). Similarly, ethical sourcing has positive impacts on the environment. Every day, the farmers have to manage waste, preserve biodiversity and reduce agrochemical use, such as pesticides to conserve their water sources (“Starbucks Sourcing” 1). Therefore, Starbucks is certainly a renowned coffee company because it not only focused on selling coffee, but also contributed good things to the labors and the environment as

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