Keurig Case Study

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Keurig’s Three-In-One Coffee Machine
Keurig is a common household name in this generation. In a world where people depend on coffee for survival, Keurig is there to supply everyone with expert coffee machines. As many people know, Keurig specializes in coffee makers and accessories. For my product innovation, I chose to make a product line extension from their coffee making sector. My new and improved coffee maker will be equipped with the abilities to roast raw coffee beans, grind them up, and brew them into a delicious cup of coffee. Currently Keurig does not offer a machine that roasts beans, grinds them, and brews them all in the same machine. This product would be something new that the company has never offered before. In regards to
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Keurig doesn’t offer many products that don’t correspond to the Keurig coffee machines. Keurig is a company that specializes in coffee brewers and their accessories. A few of Keurig’s coffee machines that they offer are the K55, K575, Keurig platinum, and a variety of Single-Serve K cup machines. In addition to these coffee machines, Keurig produces their specialized K-cups for their single-serve machines. The new three-in-one coffee machine fits well into the company’s product mix of coffee brewers and accessories. It will be a nice addition to the mix that contributes something new for the company. I expect this product to encourage Keurig’s loyal customers to try something new, and to encourage other coffee lovers to try the experience that many others have not had the opportunity to…show more content…
This product is built for consumers that enjoy roasting their own coffee. Some of these consumers could be parents or workers who wake up early, college students, and any coffee connoisseur. Consumers will view this product ‘new’ because it is different than anything else Keurig has produced before. The required learning for this product will be semi-extensive, between the dynamically continuous innovation and the discontinuous innovation. Because the consumer will place the product in between these two categories, the learning won’t be too different than previous coffee machines, but it will take time for consumers to learn how to roast the beans and grind the beans to their desired taste. I believe with detailed instructions and a detailed video outlining how to operate the machine will be enough for consumers to learn how to run the coffee brewer.
The three-in-one Keurig roasting, grinding, and brewing machine will be a great addition to the company. It’s innovated design and improved brewing process distinguishes this coffee machine from their competitors. This machine will be one of a kind for the Keurig company and with its reduced price, it will encourage their customers to try something new. It is intended for this product to be a shopping product that the consumers value and make careful decisions upon purchasing the
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