Business Ethics Case Study: Keurig Green Mountain

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3-1. What global issues do you see here? What ethical/social responsibility issues do you see here? The global issue here we can see is a CSR issue, the conflict between economic growth and environmental sustainability. The economic growth here being the growth of the Keurig corporation and the environmental sustainability of keeping a clean/healthy environment. The ethic issue here is about business’s responsibility for the global environment and society expectation. The businesses responsibility in this case being making a more environmental product and the society expectation being a big/popular corporation making more environment friendly products. 3-2. Are the critics overreacting to the situation? Do you think Keurig Green Mountain’s managers are handling this situation in the best way, ethically and responsibly? What else could they do to be more ethical and responsible? The critics are not overreacting to the situation because Keurig does not care about the environmental problems they are causing, they are only focused on getting a profit. They don’t care that the more K-cup they sell means the more damaged the environment gets. I don’t think …show more content…

Social responsiveness by definition is when a firm engages in social actions in response to some popular social need. So in this case specific case study the popular social need was a more environmental safe version of the K-cups. This was expressed by the public through a social protest by a YouTube video named “Kill the K-cup.” The social action by Keurig in response to the protest is they will make solution in the near future. The solution that Keurig claimed is that they will create a fully recyclable version of the K-cup by 2020. The only reason why Keurig is going to develop this product is because there was a social need for it, they did not make this decision based on their own good will, which is what makes this social

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