Justice has to be made Treat Juvenile Equal as Adults

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“If it is not the biggest scandal in American legal history, many are calling it at least the darkest day for the country’s troubled juvenile-justice system” (Ken Stier). Since the juvenile justice court started, many people thought that juveniles should be trial as an adults. In 1990’s the juvenile that broke the law were treated like adults offenders. Juvenile that commit crimes are more likely to get away from the charges due to that their brains are not fully developed. Due to the facts and evidence that United States have done on juvenile, in addition juveniles should be trial as an adult and do their time for the crime they committed.
Many Americans agree that juvenile’s that commit highly crimes should be trial as an adult, and pay their consequences. “Juveniles fourteen years of age or older charged with committing certain types of murder or a series sex offense, under Prop 21, are generally no longer eligible for juvenile court and prosecutors are allowed to directly file charges against juvenile offenders in adult court...” (California Proposition 21). Under many circumstances juvenile at a very young age are committing certain types of crimes, and should be trial as an adult just because their teenagers committing crimes does not mean they did not know what they did. Many young teen are being let away for the crime they commit and should not be that way just because their loosing brain tissue does not mean they do not realize what they are doing that moment. “Under Prop 21, probation departments do not have the discretion to determine if juveniles arrested for any one of more than 30 specific serious or violent crimes should be released or detained; rather, Prop 21 makes detention mandatory under those defined...

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...d States, juveniles charged with violent felonies ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system” (Maxwell). In the criminal justice system everyone has the right to be treated equally regardless the age they have. This society that were living in believes many juveniles offender are being treated differently regard to what age are the juveniles and there brain is not fully developed is injustice the court of law has the right to treat the juveniles the same way as a adult. There should be a reaction or action against the juvenile that commit certain types of crimes they should further receive their punishment for what they done and tried as adults. In the United States many people believe that juveniles should be tried as a adult, with the evidence and the facts they have come to a point that they should be treated the same no matter the age they are.
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