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  • Brutus: A Tragic Hero

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    Brutus, in the novel Julius Caesar, went through three simple steps which are necessary in becoming a tragic hero. First he brought down Caesar thinking he had good intentions. Then he realized he had done wrong and knew that there would be consequences. Finally he went through a downfall, but even after death he was still honorable. Good intentions, realization, and an unfortunate but honorable downfall are the qualities that make Brutus a tragic hero and not a villain. Good intentions are just

  • Das Brütus: A Tragic Hero

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    Das Brütus: A Tragic Hero In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Brutus is the quintessence of a tragic hero. Webster’s Dictionary defines tragic hero as “Any person, especially a man, admired for courage, nobility etc. … in a serious play with an unhappy ending” (277-626). This verbatim definition, however, is useless in an analytical essay. The idea of a tragic hero comes from Aristotle, who thought a tragic hero involved a character of high standing suffering a downfall

  • Julius Caesar: Brutus Is The Protagonist

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    Julius Caesar: Brutus Is The Protagonist "He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave." - Sir William Drumman All men have the power to reason. Some men can reason better, and more thorough than others. Yet nonetheless, all men can reason. In order to reason, one must clear his mind, be completely impartial, and understand the situation to the best of his ability. The play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, is the story of a man trying his

  • Brutus And Antony Speech Analysis

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    long-term friend Brutus who took place in the assassination. Mark Antony was another friend of Caesar 's that didn 't take place in the assassination and was also shocked, scared, and confused on why people would do such a thing. After Caesar 's death, he was able to convince Brutus that they should have a proper funeral and that he should be allowed to speak on his behalf. Brutus agreed on two conditions, the fact that he would be able to speak first and also that Mark Antony

  • Analysis Of Brutus And Antony's Debate

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    The Forum: Brutus and Antony’s debate. Rhetoric, diction and structure are all powerful tools commonly seen being used by people to persuade and manipulate or to justify and calm, to name a few. These literary devices are so powerful that they have the ability not only to sway one person 's thoughts but even perhaps the populace. In William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar I believe that Act 3 Scene 2 can serve as commentary on the cycle between democracy and dictatorship. Even though there is no need

  • Loyalty of Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar

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    The Loyalties of Antony and Brutus Antony and Brutus are both loyal, noble men and their loyalties shape their characters, drives their actions, and decides the very future of Rome. Brutus loves Caesar, but he loves Rome more. Antony has no need to choose between his country and best friend. Before Caesar's death both men are guarded and somewhat a secret to the reader. After Caesar's murder, however, their true personalities emerge. Antony and Brutus may seem the same, and that was they are in

  • Honour's Fallen Angel: Marcus Brutus

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    not protect one from ignorance, dogmatism, and foolishness. In Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", this is exemplified by the character Marcus Brutus. Known as the most complex character in the play, Brutus kills Caesar, whom he loves, for the sake Rome, which he loves more. Though in the end, he is labelled by Mark Antony as "the noblest Roman of them all", Brutus is blinded by his idealistic point of view, and this point of view has a negative impact on himself and others in the play. Firstly, he is

  • Compare And Contrast Brutus And Antony's Speech

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    death. Although the title of this tragedy includes Julius Caesar, he is not the most visible character in the play. He only appears in a total of five scenes. However, there are two characters that are the center of conflict in this tragedy: Marcus Brutus and Mark Antony. Each of the characters gives a speech at the funeral of Julius Caesar. Mark Antony’s speech is much more effective than Marcus Brutus’s speech is for many reasons. Antony’s speech is driven off of pathos, is given last, and also has

  • The Downfalls of Julius Caesar, Cassius and Brutus

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    The Downfalls of Julius Caesar, Cassius and Brutus A tale based on false complements, greed and manipulation, which leads to the destruction of three high status men of Rome. Flaws in personality results to tragedy- pride and ambition invites murder, greed, envy and a fiery nature leads to self destruction; and a weak hold on making judgments results to another suicide. This play was written by William Shakespear, in which he based it around 400B.C., which showed us how three significant

  • Cassius vs. Brutus in Julius Caesar

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    Both Cassius and Brutus play major roles in the play Julius Caesar. Cassius and Brutus both plan Caesar’s death. Although they are working towards a common goal, Cassius and Brutus have very different motivations for doing this. On the one hand, Cassius sees it as a way to gain more power for himself while destroying the king and all his power. On the other hand, Brutus believes that in killing Caesar he is preserving peace for the Romans’ future years. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses different