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  • Julius Caesar

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    Julius Caesar When the name Julius Caesar is heard, it can only trigger the image of a great leader that led Rome into prosperity. Caesar's military excellence brought more power and more land; that lead to the increase of size and strength in Rome. His dictatorship helped the stability and prosperity in Rome. Caesar's assassination lead to a monarchy that was ruled by Octavin. His death lead to a domino effect ending in the ultimate collapse of the Roman Empire. Many people of the 21st century

  • Caesar

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    with the play “Julius Caesar.'; That particular day, March 15th in 44 BC, Rome lost not only a future king, but also a strong political and military leader. Julius Caesar’s life, his accomplishments, and his unfortunate assassination have etched out a place in textbooks worldwide. Caesar’s childhood was filled with many changes in the Roman Empire. Gaius Julius Caesar was born in Rome, Italy on July 12th or 13th in the year 100 BC. When he was young, Caesar lived through one of the

  • Julias Caesar

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    cripay dividends for the remainder of his career, Cromwell demanded that both officers and men meet the highest standards of moral character and honesty. He expected instant responsiveness to commands and forbade looting, swearing, or an Despite his age, Cromwell, at forty-three, raised a cavalry troop, his first military command. Following criteria that would pay dividends for the remainder of his career, Cromwell demanded that both officers and men meD or was born in the year 100 BC into a patrian

  • Caesar

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    about us. As Caesar once had a chance through his arrogance, pride, ambition all of these things lead to his demise. Arrogance is a poison that takes the lives of those who have power. As Caesar was imperfect like everyone else he compared himself to an immortal god and thus we see his arrogance. Caesar did originally think of cassius as a threat. Although somehow Caesar pushed his caution off the edge because he thought he the great and powerful Caesar was untouchable. In the end Caesar was stabbed

  • Caesar

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    Julius Caesar, a man who transformed Rome for the better, was a master tactician, and a strong opponent in the political world. With his genius strategies, he conquered many places, including Africa, Spain, and France. During his time as a commander, he also won the support of many Romans, becoming the dictator of Rome. Although many people love Caesar, many opposed to a dictatorship, which ultimately caused his assassination. Caesar lived an extraordinary life with the help of his family, political

  • Caesar

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    Caesar In history it is rare to find truly great leadership, but every once in a while someone comes along so charismatic that even his enemies cannot but admire him. Rome in the first century B.C. was replete with statesmen, generals and leaders who to this day are remembered as being among the greatest and most fascinating that ever lived. But there is no doubt as to the most memorable of these. Gaius Julius Caesar lived from 100 to 44 B.C. and though his life began and ended with Rome beset

  • Julius Caesar

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    brought the Roman Empire to its height and from his death on, the Empire did nothing but fall. He was one of the world’s greatest leaders and probably the best. At the age of 15 Caesar became head of his family when his father died in 85bc. His family wanted him to pursue a religious career as the priest of Jupiter but Caesar had other plans. He wanted to dive head long into a political career. He took maters into his own hands when in 84bc he married Cornelia the daughter of one of Rome’s stronger

  • Napoleon and Caesar

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    Napoleon and Caesar Napoleon Bonaparte's success as a military leader and conqueror can also be seen in another great leader, Julius Caesar. Both Napoleon and Caesar achieved great glory by bringing their countries out of turmoil. It was Caesar, that Napoleon modeled himself after, he wanted to be as great, if not greater than Caesar. Looking to the past, Napoleon knew what steps to take in order to achieve success Napoleon devoured books on the art of war. Volume after volume of military

  • Little Caesar

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    Little Caesar Shortly before noon on a Wednesday in October, 1894, the clients of a small-town Italian barbershop leisurely undergo the ritual of shaving. A group sit along the side wall and trade observations in phlegmatic, Neapolitan dialect, while the patron in the barber's chair listens. Occasionally, between strokes of the razor through thick stubble, the barber adds his opinion to the conversation. A pair of young children regularly chase each other through the shop and are peremptorily

  • Julius Caesar: The Spirit of Caesar

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    best at everything – now imagine Julius Caesar. It seems as though the last one doesn’t fit, does it? However, wasn’t Caesar one of the most influential people during the time of the Roman Empire AND didn’t he influence our world today? As well as in reality, in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, this man has a very interesting role. Despite the fact that he is immensely influential during his life, after his assassination it seems as though Caesar is still influential – or, more specifically