John Lennon Theory

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John Lennon is a British singer, songwriter, and political activist. He was born on October 9th, 1940 in Liverpool, England. The problem solving and expertise theory applies to English musician Lennon from his 20 plus years of domain-specific expert knowledge in live vocal performance, guitar, and piano with the Beatles. It is Lennon’s ability to overcome unfavorable outcomes while launching his solo career and has expressed a creative cognitive approach to formulate successful compositions throughout his lifetime.

The problem solving and expertise theory applies to Lennon because he has shown early signs of experience playing music with Paul McCartney during his teenage years until his death. According to, Lennon met Paul …show more content…

According to Kozbelt, Aaron, et al., such problems, like writing a symphony or designing a house, have goals and operators that are not pre-specified and that admit multiple "goodenough" solutions, rather-than one "correct" answer (33). Lennon’s creative process can be further analyzed to match the theory from his opinion in the Rolling Stones interview with Jonathan Cott. In the interview, Lennon says, “it is there. It's like abstract art really. It's just the same really. It's just that when you have to think about it to write it, it just means that you labored at it. But when you just say it, man, you know you're saying it, it's a continuous flow. The same as when you're recording or just playing, you come out of a thing and you know "I've been there" and it was nothing, it was just pure, and that's what we're looking for all the time, really (“John Lennon: The Rolling Stone Interview”). In Lennon’s interview, he explains writing a song is abstract and there are several steps into creating an end product of a composition. Lennon’s ability to view a song as a continuous flow has connected to the theory’s view of having more than one correct answer to a

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