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Imagining World Peace Through the Lyrics of John Lennon A Rhetorical Analysis of John Lennon’s Imagine "Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try." John Lennon opens the song Imagine and catches the audience’s attention with this line. Opening with a thought provoking question grabs the listener’s attention by compelling them to think. John Lennon was a leader in the effort to reach word peace, and in memory he still continues to be. His songs Imagine, Revolution, and Give Peace a Chance continues to have the power to stir up strong emotions. Leading straight to the point, his minimalistic style and up-front approach leaves no room to wonder or debate. Lennon’s song Imagine illustrates this the best, it proves his point while …show more content…

Lines such as "You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join, and the world will be as one" (Imagine). Although he does not openly name anyone in these lines, he proclaims that he is not alone, and others believe in these ideas. Additional lines in the song where ethos is established is when he says "Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can," (Imagine). The message behind such lines is made even more powerful due to the fact that Lennon’s stardom has given him everything that one could ever want. Having someone with everything stand behind the message —if we didn't have anything at all then there would be nothing for anyone to fight over, and truly mean it, carries more weight than coming from someone who does not have anything at all. This causes the listeners to feel passionate towards the message Lennon is …show more content…

Had Imagine been spoken through poetry or a speech it would not have made the same impact as it did when spoken through song. Lennon's tranquil use of the piano along with his composed peaceful voice makes the song feel very personal as if it were only you and him speaking intimately in the corner of a quite room. While his song Revolution is more in your face (an equally impactful method when needed), his song Imagine is unhurried and peaceful. This approach makes listeners relax and truly imagine what a life without violence would be like. The mournful melody, and his serene voice cause listeners to sympathize with the world. While all the world was being told what to do and how to do it, John Lennon chose to take a passive approach by simply asking people to think about it. Although he desperately wanted change to follow, the approach he chose was more beneficial to the cause. Till this day, every time people hear the song Imagine they are subconsciously forced to think about what

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  • Analyzes how john lennon's song imagine, revolution, and give peace a chance captures the listener’s attention by compelling them to think.
  • Analyzes how lennon's ethos was not established from where he derived his ideas from, it was created from within the people.
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