Elton John: An Influenced Contemporary Pop/Rock Artist

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Ser Elton John has been one of the most iconic and successful British pop stars since the 1970’s. His music is based from his own life experiences as well as those of his country and of his time. Elton John is known for his passion and vivacity for his career, his fortitude to fight AIDS, his homosexuality and his importance to the evolution of the British and the American pop/rock genre.
Elton john has been claimed “the Liberace of rock and roll” (8) for his spectacular show of music, imagery, outward flamboyancy and artistic passion. Originally born Reginald (Reggie) Kenneth Dwight, Elton Hercules John started his first band at 14 (2) and has continued to set a foundation for American pop music for 53 years. Elton’s music is distinctive in its ability to draw attention of listeners with his original combination of sound (2). The songs written both by Elton and lyricist, Bernie Taupin (3) were premeditated to give both a rhythm and undertones of sentimental value. The decline of rock and roll in America allowed for Elton john to succeed.
As a contemporary pop/rock artist, Elton John was the by-product of early artists such as Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Little Richard and Bob Dylan (10). Music within this genre usually exudes a more traditional rock and roll sound but is lyrically developed to be catchy, uplifting and relatable. The “British invasion” refers to the explosion of British cultural influence via pop music --also known as Britpop-- in America in the late 1950s and 60s. The slow declination of rock and roll in America gave Britpop an advantage to success; America was awed by the new British bands delivering a new sound and style, and very quickly integrated it into their culture. (1) Americans jumped on the bandwagon tha...

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