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Jet2 is a mainly internet-based airline company which flies from six UK based airports to over 30 various locations around Europe. Jet2 places its emphasis on low costs, safety and reliability to ensure a satisfied customer base and therefore with the aim of increasing its potential revenue. The company, Jet2, have many strengths to its name. One such asset is, as mentioned above, the six UK based airports from which it flies from. These six locations, Belfast International, Newcastle, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester Blackpool and (from 3 April this year) Edinburgh, are very well spread throughout the UK. Being a UK based firm, it is important for a firm like Jet2 to have locations throughout the UK, so that potential customers can use their services, and this is possible due to the accessibility of each of their base airports. Due to the increased use of the internet, it is becoming more and more easier to book online. This allows customers to book flights easier and increase Jet2’s revenue. Revenue is increased through not having to deliver or post tickets out to its customers, in comparison with other non-internet based airlines. It is believed that over 97% of Jet2’s customers book online, which further highlights Jet2’s emphasis on online bookings. ( There have been reports which suggest the number of travel agents has increased steadily for the past 40 years. (Source: Vocational Learning; See Resources Section below) This has also coincided with the steady increase of package holidays. Jet2, being a low cost operator, has close links to the main four travel agents which organise these tour packages; Thomson Holidays, Thomas Cook, First Choice and My Travel. This benefits Jet2 as people... ... middle of paper ... ...te accessed: 7/3/06 Jet2 Jet2’shome website. From here, bookings can be made, and timetables can be viewed. From this, I obtained the company’s mission statement, background information of the company and the company’s aims for the future. Date accessed: 7/3/06 Ryanair This was used to compare companies in the same market segment. Date accessed 10/3/06 The Info Shop This report highlights aircraft capacities and potential increases and restructuring in the future. Date accessed 12/03/06 Vocational Learning This website links to a report on the increasing number of travel agents within the past number of years. Date accessed 8/3/06

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that this british airways site was used to compare low-cost airlines to international high-quality airlines.
  • Explains that jet2's website focuses on the general airline market, but this is worldwide, and therefore had limited relevant information, as it operates within european routes only.
  • Explains jet2's home website, where bookings and timetables can be made, and the company’s mission statement, background information and aims for the future.
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