Jean Waston's Theory Of Nursing

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As a future nurse we as nurses should have qualities and aptitudes to guarantee that our patients are in effect very much cared for under our watch. Several variables affect the approach I need to work as a nurse and why I need to attend in that way. In this essay I will be talking about my logic of in the way i need to nurse and how it has affected my nursing with the references to New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) code of ethics, New Zealand Nursing Council competencies for Registered Nurses, Principle of the treaty of Waiting and Jean Waston’s Theory

In my nursing theory is in light of the two words i have chosen which are ‘caring’ and ‘knowledgeable’. While nursing calling obliges medical caretakers to be individually arranged, being aware can build up proficient
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Firstly, I am convinced that being a great nurse is to be a caring nurse. This is why I choose Jean Waston’s nursing theory, as Watson’s theory contains a holistic proceed towards the patient’s care, and is concentrated on the bond between the patient and nurse (Crisp &Taylor, 2005). According to Waston’s theory it includes rationality and study of caring; caring is an interpersonal procedure containing interventions that outcome in addressing human needs (Crisp &Taylor,2005 p.69). In my viewpoint, the demonstration of my word’s “caring” and "knowledgeable" are firmly connected on the grounds that it includes both the patient and myself. On the off chance that having knowledge and caring, towards my patients a close bond will be established. Accordingly, this empowers better comprehension between my patients and myself as a nurse, as intra-expert communication is crucial in giving the patient the best care possible. As indicated by Jean Waston 's model is illustrated around the caring technique, helping patients to fulfil or keep up wellbeing or to die peacefully. (Crisp &Taylor, 2005, p.51). As this is
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