Jean Piaget And Lev Vygotsky's Theory Of Development

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Children’s development grows in developmental stages and is also contributed by their own cultural settings. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky both contributed to the understanding of children’s psychology. Piaget and Vygotsky have theories of development that I agree with. Piaget’s theory was that children go through four different stages during their development. He believed in the influence of learning from others (Woolfolk, 43). I compare my cousin Jayel to the chart that Piaget has created. According to Piaget’s Chart, Jayel is in the sensorimotor stage because he is within the age of 0-2 years old. The baby is learning through his senses of seeing, hearing and even touching. He has even begun to imitate the people around him as well. Jayel …show more content…

Children are like sponges, they absorb information as well as habits around them. Children have many interactions daily and these interactions affect a child’s learning development. For example, a child who is raised in a stressed environment is not as likely to succeed as a child who is not raised in that type of environment. That isn 't to say that a child wont, however they are less likely. Children learn through their environment whether it is good or bad. Children learn morals, values and even bias’s from the environment they are raised in. From my own experience, my parents shaped the person I am today. My interaction with them on a daily basis influenced my cognitive development. For example, as a toddler my mother explained she would put a book filled with shapes in front of me. My mother would play with me and show me a few shapes that would fit in the holes. She would leave me alone and I eventually figured out the different shapes and where they belonged. This is an example of interaction influencing the cognitive development of a child. Vygotsky also emphasized the importance of private speech and instead of calling it “immature” they were maturing. Children sometimes need to verbally explain to themselves an action they are doing. This can help the child understand better as well as be able to relate it to experiences later on. This private speech was a sign that children were moving to a stage of self-regulation. Vygotsky believed that children relate this with experiences. Whether it be from their parents or something they have watched on

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