Theories Of Vygotsky

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Child 's Development Through the Theory of Vygotsky Awad al Bahri Utah Valley University The period of childhood is the most significant in the establishment of human beings as mature, independent and socially active people. Thus, no wonder that children 's psychological development was thoroughly studied by such psychologists as Piaget, Freud, Vygotsky and many more. All of them have seen their own principles of development and pointed the key topics and elements that influenced the most. Why is it so important to explore the childhood development? Multiple researches and evidences show that the brain is especially sponge like during the first few years of growing up. This is the time, when kids…show more content…
Being surrounded always by people and tutors is a great benefit for kids, as it gives a hint and speeds up development, according to the recent researches and the theory of Vygotsky. His theory is actively applied in reciprocal teaching, which is used to improve student 's abilities to learn from text – theater performance is a great example as well. This method includes children in learning and practicing such skills as clarifying, questioning, predicting and summarizing. The role of the teaches is getting weaker and weaker through time. The other method is called scaffolding when a tutor helps to organize a question and make a system out of it, so the kid or a student can work on it easier and get a positive result. Teamwork plays a great role in the theory of Vygotsky, as it was in the pretend games as well. According to the scientist it would be more effective to have students of different abilities in one class, so the more advanced could help those who need help. During the performance rehearsals we experienced the same routine, the only difference was that we were helped by the teacher himself. Usually the kid is examined as a sort of object, who is like a toy in the hands of adult, who teaches the kid and provides positive and negative experiences, but Vygotsky managed to see a kid like an independent active person who can actually actively influence the adult, and it happens every often that a kid controls a mature person even more than adult controls a
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