Is Religion Just a Joke?

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Is Religion Just a Joke?

Driving with my friend to the movies one evening last winter we discovered a group of people bundled up and picketing by The Safari movie theatre in Moorhead.Ý My friend and I didn’t know what movie we wanted to watch, but these protesters made up our mind.Ý We decided to see the movie “Dogma” because that was the very movie these outraged people were boycotting.Ý Sometimes people carry their religion to the point where it has an adverse effect on people.Ý This was the case that evening.

As we watched “Dogma,” my friend and I laughed hysterically.Ý It wasn’t nearly as bad as the protestors suggested.Ý The view the “outraged Christians” and I seemed to disagree on was they took the movie literally, whereas I personally took it as mere fiction.Ý In my opinion, it was just another religious comedy to bring the sometimes-scary topic of “religion” down to a point that seems more human in the eyes of the average American today.

By making the topic of religion humorous, we as a society can take a look at the different aspects of this complicated and controversial issue.Ý What is ethically right or wrong has been seen in many issues such as cloning, euthanasia, and abortion.Ý Religion, along with these other issues, is often hard to confront.Ý With the aid of movies, such as “Dogma” and “Keeping the Faith,” we are able to delve into the issue of religion more easily.Ý Let us now take a look at these two movies.Ý

“Keeping the Faith” starts with a priest, Brian Finn, played by Edward Norton, telling his complicated story to the local bartender in New York who thinks he’s heard it all already.Ý Brian tells of a childhood friendship between himself, Jake Schram, and a girl named Anna Reilly.Ý The three...

... middle of paper ... Jesus, a thirteenth apostle played by Chris Rock who was written out of the bible because he was black (having a black savior is okay, but not a black apostle), Mary not being a virgin, after all, “Do you think Joseph would stay around if he wasn’t getting any?,” and God being a woman.Ý Anyone who would take these humorous and outrageous suggestions literally is more of a joke than this movie.Ý

In my opinion, a movie is just a movie and nothing more, other than to bring into focus a difficult subject matter.Ý Therefore, funny movies about religion actually help viewers think critically about religion.Ý The protestors seemed to want to make the religious comedy genre be blasphemy on God, where that is not what the movie was trying to do.Ý Which brings out the question: Who is making religion a joke?Ý -The movies? -Or the people carrying their religion too far?

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