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Bullying is an issue that has been happening for years now, this is a continuous issue. “The word “bully” can be traced back as far as the 1530s. (Donegan 33). In its most uncomplicated sense bullying involves two people, a bully or intimidator, and a victim. The bully abuses the victim through physical, verbal, or other means in order to gain a sense of superiority and power” (Donegan 33-34). Bullying can happen among school children up to adults. “Bullying ranks high on the list of the tremendous challenges facing kids” (Kevorkian). Although most people who are the bullies are stronger and is attacking the weaker. Intimidators may possibly abuse their victims verbally, physically, or psychologically. Bullying is an act of unwanted and aggressive…show more content…
This form of bullying is considered indirect bullying because it is done by rumors, gossip, and the internet. “Cyberbullies often mock, harass, threaten or humiliate others through electronic messages, images, or video” (Funk & Wagnalls 1). Cyberbullying has grown tremendously since the growth of technology and equipment such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. “Cell phones, social media sites, chat rooms, and other forms of technology have allowed bullying to expand into cyberspace. This new form of abuse is known as cyberbullying” (Donegan 33). This can also happen on social media websites, chat rooms, text messages, and through emails. Victims who are being cyberbullied are often being bullied in person as…show more content…
The targets have a more difficult time getting away from their cyberbullie because they can contact them twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Common effects that cyberbullying has on people are the use of alcohol, drugs, skipping school, and thoughts about suicide. Schneider, Smith, and O 'Donnell stated in "Trends In Cyberbullying And School Bullying Victimization In A Regional Census Of High School Students, 2006-2012," Although most cyberbullying occurs outside of school, there is growing evidence that cyberbullying affects students’ emotional well-being at school, ability to learn and feelings of safety. Bullies find it easier to bully the victims through the technology because they do not have to do it face to face. “Cyberbully chooses to bully the victims through the internet because it can be done anonymously, with little effort, and the harassment can be carried out repeatedly and at the convenient time of the bully”

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