Is Jesus The Only Savior?

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Ronald Nash’s book Is Jesus the Only Savior? seeks to explain or shed light on this question that has puzzled many in previous generations as well as ours. The resounding answer that comes forth from his arguments is “yes,” Jesus is the only savior of humankind. He starts by taking into account the three schools of thought associated with this controversial question. These are Pluralism, Inclusivism, and Exclusivism. The first six chapters of the book deals with Pluralism, which can be said to be the belief that all major world religions are equal and there is no religion that is superior to the other. Pluralism also emphasizes that all these religions lead to salvation and to God. In the last five chapters of the book, Nash deals with Inclusivism, which entails the belief that one religion is paramount but salvation is possible through other religions. However, all through the book, Nash sets up a strong argument in favor of Exclusivism, which is the belief that salvation can only be found through one religion. It states that one religion is superior to the others . The religion that exclusivists mostly refer to is Christianity, and they base their arguments on Christ’s statement that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” found in John 14:6.

In the second half or the last five chapters of the book, Nash starts by pinpointing the many false assertions that are characteristic with Inclusivism.


Nash did not support Inclusivism but he still was able to point out the following strengths in the Inclusivism argument. Even with these strengths me maintained his stand for exclusivism.

1) The Old Testament Saints

The time in the bible, when God was seen to be talking to people the most, was in the old test...

... middle of paper ... caused by the divine and perfect plan of God who perceives the “end from the beginning” and performs “all things in accordance with the counsel of His will.”

Christian Exclusivism does not have to be confirmed to be perfectly rational, but only more rational than any other is and when compare with inclusivism, Christian Exclusivism gives the stronger argument. The blue print for religion was given in the Bible. It is seen the bible that God is sovereign no one can question Him. We may not understand many things, but we must follow His way of doing things, not just go with emotions like Inclusivists. The bible says that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. In my opinion, If that is what it says, then it is the truth, and he should embrace that truth as it is.

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