New Testament: Analysis of the Book of Revelation

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Although the New Testament has twenty-seven books, I choose to do this research project on the book of Revelation also called Revelation to John. Despite the fact that many people avoid this book, saying that it is confusing, or perhaps even frightening, in my opinion it is the most intriguing and interesting book within the New Testament. The book of Revelation can be quite difficult to understand, there for it often raises more question than answers. However by concentrating on the structure and the symbols within the book, it becomes less difficult to understand. Choosing the book of Revelation for this research paper will give me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what is in my perspective is one of the most important books in the bible.

The identity of the author of the book of Revelation has been and still is under debate. External evidence reveals that the earliest individual known to have been knowledgeable with the book of Revelation was Papias, who was considered among the disciple of John. He was a compiler of sayings and teachings of Jesus, which made up his sayings about the lord in a total of five books. However no clear statement from Papias has been found concerning his identity in relation to the book of Revelation. Other scholars point to John the apostle; scholars base this theory on many factors such as the usage of symbols like the lamb to represent Jesus and the fact that “John never actually referred to himself as a prophet in Revelation, but he implied that he was one by describing his work as a “prophesy”1. Many different biblical scholars debate on who wrote the book of Revelation, unfortunately the answer will never be fully known and can only be speculated.

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...y recompense to repay every one according to what he has done;, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end.” Christians always knew that there is only one real god, a true god who is merciful.

My question is very specific it is said that the book of revelation is about the end of humanity if it is what does the book of revelation say about the "end of the world"? After carefully reading the book of revelation I came to the conclusion that the end of the world does not mean the destruction of the earth. World refers to the people alienated from God and this wicked system of things, false religion, commercial empire, and the governments of the earth. God's righteous people have never been destroyed along with the wicked so they will survive the great tribulation and Armageddon. However I would like to know more about this subject.
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