Is Cheerleading An Olympic Sport?

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Have you ever just thought and engaged on curiosity on how it feels like to stand and balance on hands of people? Being thrown high in the air with just trusting three people to catch you? Lifting people together while exhibiting strength and trusting that the stunt won’t completely fall? Lastly, having the guts to cheer, shout and to put on that cheerful smile despite all the pain and sacrifices you made just to complete the routine? These people are extraordinary athletes. These athletes just don’t perform difficult stunts but they also uniquely combine the factor of performing and getting the crowd’s attention through their routine. They are called Cheerleaders. Most of the people who aren’t familiar of the content of the sport would think that Cheerleading is just for the purpose of performing and cheering for their own team or school, but to Cheerleaders, it’s more than just those conditions. It’s just something more special than that. It’s a vision and of course, pure passion.

Coming from the article of the website, Varsity, the sport Cheerleading originated closely with the relation of American Football during the late 19th Century. During a Football game, a Medical student from the University of Minnesota named Johnny Campbell had the initiative to gather the crowd and completely
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Of all the years that Olympics was conducted, it still remains as a non Olympic sport. With thousands and maybe even millions of Cheerleaders existing around the world, how come It hasn’t taken into attention how phenomenal and remarkable it would’ve been if it was an Olympic Sport? With different teams and active countries present in Cheerleading, Imagine how different teams compete for the Championship by showing each country’s high level tosses, extreme lifts, pyramids, heart racing tumbling passes and creative

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