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I am a High School Cheerleader, and I’m Important I believe that cheerleaders are a key element. The missing puzzle piece that fully completes a high school. Though many may ponder of the stereotypical affluent blonde with an egotistical aura, those should be informed that they aren’t even half-way correct. Cheerleaders are much more than how they appear in Hollywood movies or on daily TV dramas. I believe that cheerleaders are crucial, and work very hard to bring smiles onto people’s faces. Last year, during one of my high school’s football games, a couple of students approached my friend and I. “Why do we need cheerleaders?”, “Don’t you think you guys are sort of distracting the football players?”, were the questions directed towards us. Because of my timid freshman self, I was unable to answer their question at the time. Why exactly did Cheerleaders matter? As the year went on, I couldn’t help but notice the drastic effects the …show more content…

Sweat plummeting down their faces as they catapult yet another girl into the air; each flyer aiming higher than the last go rounds. Their whole body aches and begs for a moment of rest, but they never surrender to the pain. For the hundredth time, they’ve reviewed their two minute routine and for the hundredth time they tumbled non-stop. Knowing that all this hard-work, had the ability to raise a smile onto the face of someone watching. Knowing that at every game, they can provide the match, to lighten up the mood.
I believe that cheerleaders provide hope and gleam when it’s required the most. Cheerleaders are kind-hearted and continuously display it without hesitation. If you think about it, cheerleading is the only sport where it’s mandatory to smile; Whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold. When on duty as a cheerleader, there is no time to slack off. The games would never be as enjoyable without the cheerleader executing their full

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  • Opines that cheerleaders are the missing puzzle piece that completes a high school. they believe that they are crucial and work hard to bring smiles onto people's faces.
  • Describes how they noticed the drastic effects cheerleaders had on the crowd during games or even at assemblies.
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