Persuasive Essay: Why Cheerleading

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Why cheerleading? Why do I do it? Why do WE do it? Before I get into “why”, you must first hear my story. You must understand how I began cheerleading, where cheerleading has stood in my life, and what it has meant to me before you can understand why I do it and why we, cheerleaders collectively, do it. When I was about six or seven years old, I started cheerleading because my older sister, Tiffany, was a cheerleader (and what little girl doesn’t want to be just like their older sister?). Thanks to Tiffany, and, of course, my mom for signing me up and getting me where I need to be, I found a love and passion for something I would cherish for the rest of my life. From the time I started cheerleading, I have loved it. I can remember fall night …show more content…

Cheerleading is fun! Of course we cheerlead because it’s fun! From cheer camp to laughing on the sidelines, cheerleading is always a good time, especially with your friends. The memories made my cheerleaders whether they be from practices, games, or spirit activities (like decorating for senior night or baking treats for football players) are memories that will be cherished for a cheerleaders lifetime. Cheering is such a positive and happy experience because we are always doing something fun or accomplishing something new, like learning our new pyramid or mastering our routine. I get to get dressed up in my uniform with my bow in my hair and my white, red-track stained cheer shoes and not only cheer on my favorite football team but run around and cheer and stunt with a team of fun-loving girls and bring my community …show more content…

Being a cheerleader means setting an example. Cheerleaders conduct themselves in a respectable way and are very proud so that they can be good leaders on and off the sidelines. We are proud to represent our school and proud to be cheerleaders. We are the epitome of school spirit and we lead the other students in our school to be more spirited and show what it means so be enthusiastic in school. We lead the crowd and of course, we lead the cheering! The lessons. Cheerleading has a million lessons to teach. It teaches you the simple things you need in order to be a good cheerleaders but it also teaches you life lessons. It teaches you to have discipline, be a good leader, pay attention to detail, problem solve, strategize, etc. These tools and many more are taught through hard work. If you work hard you will learn a ton from cheerleading and be able to utilize what you learn from cheerleading not only in cheerleading but for the rest of your life in school, work, family and social situations, and much

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