Cheerleading is a Sport

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Because some cheerleading squads don’t compete, society thinks of it merely as a physical activity. Even though cheerleaders’ main purpose is to support other athletic activities, cheer squads whom compete, follow all physical criteria to be considered a sport. Cheerleaders put forth an incredible amount of determination. They practice tirelessly to show off their skills, with little or no recognition for their efforts. Cheerleading is a sport because it requires physical fitness, skill, dedication, and stamina. Cheerleading should be considered a sport globally.
Cheerleading is an important tool for promoting both genders’ self-esteem. In an article by Lee Purvey in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Giannia Kustra expressed how cheerleading helped her as a person to “become more outgoing” (Purvey). In high school, cheerleading gives students an opportunity to support their teams proudly, build teamwork, and improve character and work ethic (Bernstein). This new “business” helps to improve the spirit and morals of athletes and fans alike.
Cheerleading is one of America’s oldest activities. Cheerleading started in the late 1880’s by all-male “pep clubs.” During a football game in 1898, Johnny Campbell was the first “cheerleader” to grace the field by leading the crowd in a now popular University of Minnesota chant. Afterwards, squads began to start up in colleges throughout the country as “yell leaders.” Although cheerleading is a considered a female sport, women didn’t show up on cheer squads until 1923. Female cheerleading became more frequent due to World War Ⅱ (Purvey). Many famous people are known to have been a part of a cheer squad, including George W. Bush who was “head” cheerleader at Phillips Academy in 1968 (Tho...

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...rtant physical fitness is for just an "activity." The fact that major injuries occur, even with proper training is incredible. The risks involved in cheerleading make this sport important and impossible to ignore.
New routines, stunts, and gymnastic aspects are constantly being discovered and mastered by cheerleaders every day. Eventually the number of injuries will rise and it will become evident to all that something should have been done. It is time to make this sport official before more injuries happen.
The young people of the cheer world have helped create a new and exciting way to show spirit, which needs to be recognized. Cheerleading is a sport. A sport that is still coming out of the wood work. This sport is only going to grow with or without recognition. To cheerleaders it's official, and now it's time for the whole world to be on the same page.

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